G-Dragon’s Solo Album Out


Although all of his songs from his album are below, you should still support him by buying his album “Heartbreaker.”

1. 소년이여
2. Heartbreaker
3. Breathe
4. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)
5. Hello (feat. Sandara)
6. Gossip Man (feat. Kim Gun Mo)
7. Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang)
8. The Leaders (feat. Teddy, CL)
9. She’s Gone (feat. Kush)
10. 1년 정거장

A boy:




Korean Dream:

The Leaders:

She’s Gone:

Station 1 Year:


-Note-The songs  “Gossip Man” and “Heartbreaker” are in below posts if you want to listen to them.

So, which ones are your favorites? I love them all, but I like really like “The Leaders” and “Butterfly”.


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G-Dragon Heartbreaker MV Released!

Today’s August 18th, the day all V.I.P’s have been waiting for! Check out G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker MV!

Credits: Heehyun613

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GDragon gets slammed with another round of plagiarism accusations

Credits to: K Bites


Big Bang GDragon gets slammed with another round of plagiarism accusations.

After all the stir caused by plagiarism accusations for his upcoming solo album title song ‘HeartBreaker’, GDragon’s ‘HeartBreaker’ album cover has also become the subject of the plagiarism talks.

The 30s preview to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ was released on 11th August through GDragon’s me2day account, and he was accused of plagiarising Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ for that song. YG Entertainment also came out to speak about the plagiarism accusations.

There were also subsequent accusations of plagiarisms for the song ‘Heartbreaker’ relating to Oasis’s ‘She’s Electric’. And the song ‘Boy’ was also accused to have plagiarised that of Katharine Mcphee’s ‘Not ur girl’.



With that fresh accusations of plagiarism arose that GDragon’s album cover looks too similar to English band Spiritualized’s 2001 album ‘Let it come down’ jacket. Also there was also debates about how GDragon’s concept for his album jacket looks similar to the concept of Lee JunKi’s ‘JStyle’ album photoshoot.

Earlier, GDragon has also been criticised for the top he worn on to 2NE1TV showing the picture of a naked woman.


Netizens’ responses to these are:

  • “Isn’t this like exaggerating on GDragon’s capabilities?”
  • ku*****, “If there are no problems, there are always accusations for plagiarism when such albums come out”
  • dr*****, “I always thought that he is a genius, but with all these accusations, I have my doubts about it”
  • nu*****, “This is not something illegal. Isn’t all these accusations too much for a young singer like him who has so much potential?”

Court Accepts Dong Bang Shin Ki’s ‘SM Preservation of Evidence’ Form


On July 31st, three members of TVXQ, Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, filed for an Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request Form, and the Seoul Central District Court has accepted the three members’ Preservation of Evidence Request.

The Seoul Central District Court has accepted the three members’ Preservation of Evidence Request that they submitted on the 5th earlier this month through the Sejong Law Firm. This request was for the preservation of all receipts, transaction slips, account books and such to calculate the exact amount of TVXQ’s income.

It has been found that the Court demanded that SM hand in all documents relevant to this lawsuit. [Credits: jeeelim5@iscreamshinki.net]

Witnesses describe scenes at DaeSung’s car accident


Big Bang DaeSung who was injured in a car accident on 11th August has left  fans much worried and shocked.

On MBC Section TV Entertainment News aired on 14th August, an interview with the witness to the accident was revealed. The witness has revealed his shock when he saw the car hitting up the guard rail and even caused a tree to uproot. An emergency officer Mr. Park said, “The car was damaged beyond recognition. The ceiling part to the car has also collapsed.”

“The coordinator was in between the seats. Manager’s right arm was stuck in the damage and he was screaming in pain. DaeSung was taken to the management office. He was complaining of back pain, and blood was flowing from his nose, his own face continued to bleed.”

A witness at the hospital also provided, “He looked like he hurt his face a lot. It was bandaged.”

It has been revealed that DaeSung will be undergoing an operation for his nose and eye area where there are fractions. And he will need 8 weeks of treatment.


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“Gossip Man” Ft. Gunmo

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Is G-Dragon Growing White (Blonde) Hair?

Well I dont think so. Relax, its just for his concept for his album. Even though it looks white in the first few pictures, its actually blonde. I guess i should take out the “white” in the title. Is it me, or does the apple remind me of Twilight? Haha, I think I’ve been too much of a Twlight fans these days.



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G-Dragon teases us once again

Im sick of these teasers, I want the REAL thing! 5 more days until August 18th. I can’t wait. Literally. Here he teases us with the song “The Leaders” which features three leaders, himself (leader of Big Bang), CL (leader of 2NE1) and Teddy (leader of 1TYM). It was released this evening on GDTV today. This teaser is pretty long, which is good.

Credits: Taijizero

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[UPDATES] Daesung Car Accident


According to YG Entertainment, “Big Bang’s Daesung has suffered a nose fracture and this was the same part that he had injured when he was little. There’s also some alignment problem with Daesung’s spinal cord although that will clear up by itself in about 4 weeks time. Other that that, Daesung also suffered superficial injuries on his face and arms. His arm which was reported to be injured earlier on, was a non-issue after check-up.”

YG explained what happened, “Daesung was on his way back home from the site of the filming location of Family Outing at around 4. While cruising along the highway near Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi province, there was a lot of water accumulated on the road because of heavy rain, which caused the vehicle to skid and crash onto the divider. Daesung was sitting beside the driver (his manager), while his coordinator sat behind.”
Daesung’s manager suffered superficial injuries on his hands and a leg injury and will receive further treatment in Seoul. The coordinator suffered severe bleeding on the leg but luckily there was no damage to the nerves, and will be fine after an operation. Daesung and his manager will return to Seoul for further treatment while the coordinator will go through an operation tonight because of her severe injuries.

YG Entertainment has announced that Daesung will require 4 – 6 weeks of recuperation time and will not be taking part in anything for the next month or so. He will also miss the Shouting musical which starts on 12th August (till 23rd), tomorrow. At this juncture, we wish Daesung, his manager and coordinator a speedy recovery.

Just when you thought Daesung of Big Bang had it bad with a nose and spine fracture, he now has an eye injury to top it off. Daesung’s car accident occured after his car was coming out of a tunnel at Pyeongtaek Freeway when it skidded and hit a railing on Tuesday afternoon.

YG Entertainment said on the 13th that his diagnosis originally came up to 4 weeks of treatment due to his injuries, but after finding a fracture around his left eye’s cornea following a CT scan, his medical leave is now extended to 8 weeks. This is definitely an accident that will give Daesung much needed rest.

Seungri will have to soldier on alone and continue with the musical SHOUTING without Daesung. Daesung is likely to miss filming for Family Outing as well.

Pictures of the car after the accident:


This looks pretty bad. I just hope our Daesung will recover soon.

Credits: Allkpop

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