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21 and Big Bang’s ‘Lollipop’ flying off music charts; Big Bang plays with their lollipop

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bb_21_310309‘Female Big Bang‘ group 21 and Big Bang’s collaboration ‘Lollipop’ for LG CYON mobile phone CF has swept the #1 spots off various music charts.

The song ‘Lollipop’, sung by Big Bang and 21, was revealed on 27th March and in just 4 days it is flying off the music charts like Dosirak, Mnet, Bugs and Cyworld.  This is considered a feat because the CF has not even started airing in Korea – it is set to start airing on TV only after 1st April. The MV to the song will be revealed on the 3rd.

There has been many good comments and also interests to YG’s new group 21 after the song was revealed. The group will debut in May with their debut album produced by 1TYM Teddy and Big Bang GDragon.

Meanwhile, here’s Big Bang playing their the Lollipop phones. Gosh makes me wanna get myself one too.


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TVXQ Officially Number 2 on Oricon Weekly

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20090228_tvxq_6053Many fans of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki were wishing for over 150k sales in the first week for their latest Japanese Album, The Secret Code. Well your wishes have been fulfilled because the boys have officially accomplished this. TVXQ was ranked number 2 on the Oricon Weekly Sales chart with a tally of 157,954 units sold. The Queen of JPOP Ayumi Hamasaki was first with 240,810 units sold. Hopefully, one day in the near future TVXQ can get to that mark. Congratulations to TVXQ and continue FIGHTING. Thanks to Jaejin for the tip.

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These inmates want Nobody But You!

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20090331_inmates_605I know what you’re thinking, “how can you get your hands on one of these beautiful inmates.” Well, I’ll tell you how, go to the Philippines and murder the Prison Ward who allowed this to happen. I know the Wonder Girls are hot and all, but inmates in wigs performing for other inmates, what the heck….

The truth is, these inmates want Nobody But You, or rather your asshole, so don’t resort to a life of crime little boys and girls.

Thanks to stuff for the tip… how ironic, I can already imagine a lot of “stuffing” happening after this performance… oh the horror.

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Wonder Girls “The 1st Wonder” was a Success

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20090330_wgthe1stwonder_605Many of you were curious as to how the ‘Wonder Girls‘ concert “The 1st Wonder” went on the 28th. Based on the fancams, you could tell they had a pretty successful night. It’s amazing to think how far these girls have gone. From being nobodies to one of the most, if not the most, popular girl group out there. Along with performing just about every song they’ve ever released, the girls each had a solo performance – Yoobin danced to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back,” Sunmi danced to Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Invitation,” and Sohee danced to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” As for the ones who can actually sing, Ye Eun sang “Killing Me Softly,” and Sunye sang her solo “Moon and Sun.”






The Encore: Thanks to wintersunuds and brightensunye for the videos!

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Big Bang for sweet vacation in May

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Group Big Bang will have a honey sweet vacation in the month of May.

YG president Yang Hyun Seok revealed that some time should be need for the members to recharge and hence for the whole of May, there will be no activities scheduled for the group.

Yang said in a phone interview, “Since their debut in 2006, Big Bang has not got the chance to rest properly. To make sure that they can make the best out of their Japanese promotions, they will have the whole of May to rest.”

Big Bang recently ended their promotion for their 3rd album title song ‘Sunset Glow’ last year. And right after that, member SeungRi into his solo promotion of the song ‘Strong Baby’ and the rest of the members did CF shooting and also did recording and working for their own music. All busy in ‘unseen places’. Also they will be staying in Japan and busy for their promotion in the months of June and July and recently they are also preparing for that.

Members DaeSung and SeungRi has already ended their MC taskes on MBC Music Core on 28th March for the vacation. But for DaeSung who has to be on SBS variety show ‘Family Outing’ and TOP who is doing filming for drama ‘IRIS’, the members will not be running for any promotions activities for that month.

This will be their first vacation or rather ‘recharging period’ for Big Bang in 3 years since their debut. Also for member GDragon, who is known to be the fashion icon, will also spend the time in May to go on a Europe vacation to study fashion. While TaeYang and SeungRi will study on dancing from famous dance choreographer in America.

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TVXQ is AVEX’s Most Viewed Website

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20090216_tvxq_605TVXQ’s AVEX website is the most viewed website out of all the AVEX artists according to the Avex Website Rankings. They have more views than other popular AVEX artists such as EXILE, Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, and BoA. This is awesome news for TVXQ, combined with the highest sales for their latest album, the boys are getting more popular in Japan. SuperVictoria64, DBSG, TVXQFever, and KPOP JJANG for the tip.

20090330_tvxqThe boys are currently in Thailand for a fanmeeting presented by Yamaha (picture credits: princessprimmie)20090330_tvxq120090330_tvxq220090330_tvxq3120090330_tvxq420090330_tvxq520090330_tvxq6

TVXQ on SHABEKURI 007: (video credits: DBSKnights33)

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Sun Ye and Son Dambi Are Best Friends

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20090330_sunye_6051It’s a known fact that Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye and Son Dambi are good friends, but pictures are always fun to see. And if I just happen to see two pretty girls, well then that’s just a bonus for me.  Picture of them in a group after watching a play together.


High-fiving during an event. 20090330_sondambi

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