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GDragon’s solo album postponed to August

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Big Bang GDragon’s solo album, like many has known, was originally set to be released in April.

In YG’s message released on the 3oth, he explained the situation that GDragon was put under and why the album has been postponed. He also mentioned a little about GDragon’s slight depression under all the stress of work. But reassured that GDragon is alright now.

YG also talked about the little misunderstanding on GDragon’s collaborate compositions of songs done so far.

To sum up, GDragon will be releasing his solo mini album in August this year, which will include about 7 songs.

From YG’s message released on 30th April:

  • About JiYoung’s solo album

“Unfortunately, JiYoung’s solo album, set to be released in April, has to be postponed.

About 2 months back, I’ve heard news about JiYoung being very tired from people in my surrounding, and I met up with JiYoung and we had him sent for a counselling. His condition is a bit more serious that a slump and depression.

This is because there has not been a real break for him since debut, it has been a toll both mentally and physically. Under this condition, the stress he has to go through for his first solo album is even more.

Even though it is said that their promotional activities have ended with their ‘Big Show Concert’ in February, they have to continue working for their new album set to be released in Japan in June and also busy with CF filming. The truth is that there is not enough time for JiYoung to release his solo album in April.

Looking at JiYoung and him being so tired, I just feel very sorry. I never consider the time and environment that he is working under but I have always expected good results.

So I said, “JiYoung ah, no need to care about the exact timing but just prepare the album at the your own pace. Even if it is until next yaer.” and had gave him the responsibilities to work on producing for 2NE1’s album.

Even though issues at hand are important, I believe fans who have been waiting anxiously for his solo album will think the same as I do.

So after that it has been about 1 month. And JiYoung came back with his bright and cheerfulness again. So lately he has been back enthusiastic about his own album again.

We are predicting that the album will be a minialbum with 7 songs recorded in it. Because this album will also feature newly invited composers in the works, fans will get to enjoy music of a different feel from what we have seen so far. All 7 songs will express JiYoung’s own special music style. I personally thinks that they are satisfying.

With regard to the concept and style for his solo album, JiYoung is currently having a vacationg in Europe (for about 8 days). And the works for the album is already at its last step. Coming June-July period is the period for Big Bang to release and promote their new Japan album. Hence for JiYoung’s solo album it will be scheduled to be released in August.

We hope for fans’ understanding.

  • About misunderstanding for JiYoung’s composition

All this while, there have been a little misunderstanding and rumours about JiYoung’s participation as composers to songs has been a collaboration composition with other composers.

For example – ‘collaborate composing of a song is like completing the composition of the whole song, shouldn’t JiYoung’s name alone be reflected for the song?’ and ‘he doesn’t even known song arranging, what composing?’

Composing is to come up with the lyrics and the accompanying melody. It is a very important part of the song producing. Until now all the song that JiYoung has been doing collaborate composing – 100% of the melody, rap and lyrics come from him.

For the case of the composers in YG, usually before making the melody to the song, an accompanying music will have to be made first. Making the accompanying music(beat) is a very ordinary work, and in just 1 day up to 2-3 accompanying music can be churned out.gd_290409

JiYoung will choose from the tens and hundreds of beats made by composers which he likes, and he will do the melody and lyrics at home. After which he will go to YG studio where he will record his own demo. If the song is decided to be included in the album, the other Big Bang members will be asked to come together for their opinions, then there will be practice and then recording.

Because the beats are not done by JiYoung himself, we call this a collaborate composition, there is a division of jobs in it. (This goes the same for TOP’s composed pieces too)

I hope that there will no longer be any more misunderstandings about this.”

Translation: sookyeong

PS: YG also ended off the message asking for fans to anticipate for GD’s album

Bong FTW!


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Actress Heo Yi Jae, casted together with Big Bang TOP and SeungRi for new Korea-Japan collaboration drama

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Actress Heo Yi Jae has been casted as the main female character to an upcoming drama collaboration between Korea and Japan. And she acting opposite Big Bang TOP and SeungRi in the tele-cinema ‘My 19-year-old’.

‘My 19′ is a suspense drama that talks about the flaws of the society, and of 2 19-year-old teenagers who got involved in a homicide case. The drama is written by Inoue Yumiko who also did many Japanese dramas like ‘Engine’ and ‘Good Luck’.

In the show, Heo Yi Jae acts as ‘Cha Eun Yeong’ whose mother got hospitalised and she had to drop out of school to practise as a trainee at a salon.

The story revolves around Cha Eun Yeong and 2 other teenagers Seo Jung Hoon (TOP) and Park Min Seo (SeungRi) who together forged friendship as they investigate into the homicide cases after escaping from the police station.

YG Entertainment said, “After Heo Yi Jae’s surprise appearance for Big Bang’s concert ‘Big Show’, this is her first work after signing with our company.”

The filming for the drama will start in May.

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‘Lollipop’ is up #1 on music charts for the 4th consecutive week

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The CM song ‘Lollipop’ sung by Big Bang and 2NE1 is up #1 on Mnet chart for the 4th consecutive week.

The song topped the chart again for the 4th week of April on 28th April.

Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ which was up at #2 for 5 weeks is down at #3 with Davichi’s ‘My Man’ taking over the #2 spot.

New group T-ara’s song ‘Good Person’ is also up at #34. Lee Soo Young and Park Ji Yoon’s comeback songs ‘Will Erase’ and ‘In my fading memories’ are up at #52 and #54 respectively.

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Filipino Prisoners Are At It Again

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20090331_inmates_572Yup, the Filipino inmates are at it again and this time their doing it for all the WonderBang fans. You would think dropping the soap would be more than enough punishment for your crimes but on top of that they had to listen to Big Bang’s live performances of Lies to learn the choreography. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

All jokes aside these guys actually aren’t that bad for a group of what? 100 inmates? I had a hard time trying to choreograph 14 people for a dance. But, I’m still a bit disturbed by the outfits.

This is quite a unique way for these criminals to become better people and I think it’s actually working. I mean look at them. A lot of them are smiling and they all seem to be having a blast. Does K-pop have reconstructive healing powers?

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Big Bang GDragon’s party time with close friends

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News came recently that YG upcoming female group 2NE1’s stylists are Big Bang GDragon’s good friends Yang Seung Ho and Lee Hyun Jung.

Lately, photos of GDragon partying with his good friends have also been uploaded online.

Famous model Lee Soo Hyeok was also present at GDragon’s little party time.


Netizens say:

  • JiYongie after all, whatever he does, he looks charming”
  • “He just radiates”
  • “He is charming, both to females and males”
  • “Wa~~ Even Lee Soo Hyeok is present!”
  • GDragon looks very happy”
  • JiYong ahh~ I live in HongDae too~ I want to drink too ><”

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Big Bang DaeSung celebrates birthday with 5000 fans at guillera concert

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Big Bang DaeSung celebrated his 21st birthday with 5,000 other fans on 26th April in Seoul ShinChon during the ‘Hite Cool Concert’.

It was a surprise 21st party for DaeSung who did not know about the it prepared by fans. Big Bang performed the songs ‘Sunset Glow’ and ‘Lies’ etc, and in between the concert, fans shouted birthday song for DaeSung, and presented a present of 210 cans of Hite beer.

DaeSung, who were shocked by the surprise birthday party, said, “I’m shocked with 5,000 fans gathering together for this guillera concert for the birthday party. Doing the concert and my party together like this have left me good memories.”

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TVXQ, Big Bang, and Super Junior get their own TV shows

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20090425_tvxq_bigbang_superjunior_thumbTVXQ, Big Bang, and Super Junior will all get their own separate hour long TV shows on Mnet Japan.

The shows are creatively titled I Love TVXQ, I Love Big Bang and I Love Super Junior. Mnet Japan’s description of the TV programs are: “If you have never seen their work in Korea then we guarantee you’ll rediscover the charm of your favorite Kpop idols (through the “I Love” series). Watch live video, cool talk from various variety shows, plus music videos and get reintroduced to Korea’s most popular music groups.”

All three of the new shows will be broadcasted once a week on Mnet Japan. I Love TVXQ will air for six months after its premiere on Tuesday, May 12th and I Love Big Bang will run for four months after it premieres on Monday, May 18th. No decision has been made on how long I Love Super Junior will air for, but it’ll begin on Monday, June 1st in the timeslot right before I Love Big Bang.





It’s a given that TVXQ’s show will be the most popular out of the “I Love” series but, overall, I guess we’ll really find out how much Japan loves Kpop by how well these programs do. I hope in my lifetime Kpop stars become popular enough in America to have their own TV shows in the U.S. One way of becoming a celebrity overnight in the U.S. is to have a sex tape “leaked” to the public (i.e. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian). I can help Hyori (or almost any Kpop female) make a tape if she wants to gain immediate American celebrity status. I’ve already got a night vision video camera or I’d be willing to rent a fancy boat if she’d rather do a Pam Anderson style video. Holla at ya boy Hyori and I can make it happen, oh, oh, OK.

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