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GDragon poses with couple Kim Min Hee and Lee Soo Hyuk

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Photos of Big Bang member GDragon posing with couple Kim Min Hee and  Lee Soo Hyuk were revealed online recently. As many has known, model Lee Soo Hyuk is one of the close friends to GDragon.

And the photos have been the hot topic amongst netizens.

Read further to see netizens’ responses and more photos

It looks like a wedding ceremony to me. Someone please enlighten us on this.



Other photos of GDragon with good friends Lee Soo Hyuk, Yang Seung Ho, Lee Jung Hyun and others





Netizens say:

  • “Korea’s best fashionistas come together!”
  • “That’s a sushi sitting on the left”
    • “I saw the bad comments and there was the comment on ’sushi’, I kept looking at it and it took me a while to understand”
    • “LOL sushi..”
    • Yang Seung Ho is <3″
    • “Sushi… DaeBak! (Big hit)”
  • GDragon shines amongst the crowd of them”
  • “This is really like the gathering of people with individuality, I especially respects Lee Soo Hyuk
  • “I’ll see what happens to these guys when they enter for military service”


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WonderGirls are back in Korea for a week for filming of CF

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In the midst of preparing for their American debut, WonderGirls have returned back to Korea for CF filming and to do some promotional activities.

A JYP representative said on 31st May, “WonderGirls will return back to Korea today. They will stay in Korea for about 1 week to film for a new CF and also to do some promotions.”

The rep also said, “Member SunMi who had returned to Korea earlier to settle personal matters will also join the girls to return to America after their schedule in Korea is done.”

WonderGirls have started preparing for their American debut after their first independent concert in March. They have also updated their current status in their blog and fan cafes that they are attending school to study English, and they will be releasing the English version of their hit song ‘Nobody’.

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Lee HongKi, “Because of Dong Bang Shin Ki, FT Island do not get any limelight”

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lhk_310509FT Island member Lee Hong Ki talks about having to promote the same time as other popular seonbae singers.

He was KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’ on 3oth May when he said, “We have a bad affinity not with the people but with the time period. Because we promote at the same time as other seonbae singers like Rain and Dong Bang Shin Ki, FT Island do not get any limelight.”

After which actress Yoon Hae Yeong, who proclaims to be FT Island’s fan, said, “I’m very curious how you can sing such emotional songs at such a young age. When I listen to your songs, I will really cry.”

Lee HongKi also revealed that he is famous for his singing and billiard when he was still schooling, “Coincidentally I began to like playing billiard, I thought it was really fun. Even in school, I see the blackboard as the billiard table.”

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BoA, Big Bang and Dong Bang Shin Ki at VMAJ 2009

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Video Music Award Japan 2009 (VMAJ 2009) was held on 30th May in Saitama Super Arena, and it saw the participations of Korean artistes like Big Bang and BoA.

BoA performed the title song ‘I Did It For Love’ off her American debut album live with her producer Sean Garrett; the Big Bang members also spoke in Japanese to greet their fans.

It was however a shame that group Dong Bang Shin Ki did not win the ‘Best Video Awards’ today, and they did not participate in the awards ceremony.


Group Big Bang attend VMAJ 2009 for the first time, and they were there as guest celebrities.

They also introduced the performing stage of Katy Perry, and greeted and spoke to their Japanese fans in Japanese.

This will be one of the largest overseas award ceremonies that the group has participated since their debut. They are currently working on advancing into the Japanese major music market.



Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki had a miss at ‘Best Group Video’ for the awards this time.

Their MV for ‘MIROTIC’ was nominated for the award category but the award eventually went to Exile with the MV ‘Ti amo’.

Other videos nominated for the award is group Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Ulysses’ and The Killers‘ ‘Human’. .

‘MIROTIC’ went up to the Oricon daily chart when it was released as the group’s 24th single last October in Japan. And the song had received much love from music fans.

It is a shame that the group did not win the award, but they are currently having their 4 concert tour in Japan ‘2009 – The Secret Code’ and was not able to attend the awards ceremony.

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TVXQ – Stand by You MV

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20090507_tvxqscan_572The Drama Version MV of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s “Stand By You” has been released. The first thing I noticed is that the video is very long… over 7 minutes! It also reminds me of Why did I fall for you?” / Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou? with the sad love story, minus actual footage of the boys. Yes, the boys aren’t anywhere to be found in this Drama Version. The star actor of the MV is Tanaka K.

I prefer Doushite, but Stand By You is a very nice ballad song. Even though I have no clue what they’re saying but it does sound nice. Thanks to Dbsk dream and tinbum for the tips.

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Same pose different feel – Wonder Girls SoHee vs Andre Kim

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We have topics on ‘Same Clothes Different Feel’, here’s one funny one on ‘Same Pose Different Feel’. And we have WonderGirls Ahn So Hee and designer Andre Kim.

In the photos we have the whole paparazzi peering into the car of the celebrity going on.

So Hee from WonderGirls So Hot album cover


And Andre Kim’s photo recently caught in the car arriving at Song YoonA and Seol Kyung Goo’s wedding



Now for some SoHee cuteness…


… and some Andre Kim cuteness (>< well at least it’s the cutest photo of him I can find around)


Seriously, to write this post, I have to look at so many Andre Kim’s photos. And trust me, I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

He’s too freakish for my liking.



Here’s what netizens say:

  • SoHee’s photo – Hollywood movie style. Andre Kim’s photo – horror movie style”
  • “Hahaha. The only thing that came out of me when I look at Andre Kim is laughter”
  • “I can so remember him saying, ‘I work busily without conscious for the last preparation’… ><”
  • “It’s like he’s being poisoned or something”
  • “The only thing I wish to say is SoHee is cute”

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Big Bang to fly to Japan today ‘Will they make it big in Japan music market?’

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Big Bang has flew out of Korea towards Japan today (28th May).

They will be staying there for a while, concentrating on advancing into the Japanese major music market through promotions.

They release their Japanese debut single ‘My Heave’ on the 24th. The boys will also be participating in ‘MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009′ on 30th May in Saitama Super Arena. They will be going on various broadcast programmes and doing interviews there.

The single ‘My Heaven’ will also be released in Taiwan, China etc in 6 other Asian countries.

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