Secrets to Big Bang SeungRi’s momjjang?

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Secrets to Big Bang SeungRi’s momjjang? (mom-body, jjang-best. Similar concept to uljjang)



It has to be intensive training.

SeungRi, who is from KwangJoo, usually prefers meat and salty food. It was recommended to him that he eat 2/3 the amount of what he for breakfast for his lunch and dinner.

For for exercise, he was recommended to go through the sparta method. For this age, his level of activities is high but has not much time to spare to exercise. So to prepare for his solo activities back in the ‘Strong Baby’ days, he went through the sparta method of intensive training. He was put though an exercise program to concentrate the training on his chest, shoulders, legs and biceps.

Also for Gummy, who had to wear hot pants for her ‘I’m Sorry’ performance beginning of year 2008, she went through intensive muscle exercise programs. She is currently doing line exercises, to bring out her body line – like going on the running machine and doing marathons by the Han River. It can also be done through balance boxing program and also stretching exercises.

LOL. I apologise for such a weird article. But I so have to share the first picture of SeungRi and DaeSung :p

Sharing some of the netizens’ responses:

  • “It’s so weird. In Big Bang, all except for TOP are short and has narrow shoulders. It seems so weird that they are all trying to be momjjangs”
  • DaeSung’s body is not a joke.. kkkk”
  • “But but SeungRi is narrow shoulders down. ㅠ.ㅠ”
  • “LOL weird article.. From SeungRi to Gummy… No link”
  • DaeSung’s body just stands out beside SeungRi’s”
  • “I’m more curious about the training that TaeYang undergoes”
  • SeungRi’s body is cute… though I don’t see muscles much, I think it looks strong”

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