Wonder Girls, Big Bang and Goo Joon Pyo appear on students’ test papers

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This isn’t the first time such things have been reported.

“What does Big Bang DaeSung’s sentence mean in the following?” (Off year 1 mid years paper of A middle school)

“I saw Gu Junpyo with my own eyes yesterday” (Off year 1 mid years paper of B middle school)

How creative can Korean teachers get?


It has become a trend that idol group and talents’ names appear in student’s exam papers.

It has been reported that some male teachers like to use the names of their favourite So Nyeo Shi Dae members or other female entertainers for setting their test papers. Such has become a hot topic on online forums where students share their exam question with the idols’ names in them.

The responses to seeing idols or talents’ names in the exams was that it give exams a fresh feeling. And in fact, it has already become a trend a few years back.

Netizens repsonses:

  • “The teachers have ’sense’.”
  • “Don’t know what kind of teacher he/she is, he/she sure has ’sense’.”
  • “It sure looks fun to be learning from such teachers.”
  • “The teachers have to get in line with the current trends to win over the students.”
  • “If I see the name of the entertainer I like in my exam papers, I would laugh out.”

That’s fanatic Korea for you.



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