WonderGirls will debut in America with the English version of ‘Nobody’

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WonderGirls is set to debut in America with the English version of their song ‘Nobody’.

They are currently preparing for their American debut there, and recently they did an English interview with NY1. And the video for their interview was revealed on 21st May on the internet. And member So Hee revealed that they recently recorded the English version of their song ‘Nobody’, a retro hit of from the Motown period, and that will be their American debut song.

Great anticipation as to how the girls’ debut there will be. We also have other Asian stars trying to break into the American market like Se7en, BoA and Utada Hikaru.

Netizens’ say about WonderGirls debuting in America with the English version of ‘Nobody’

  • “Wow. What a feat. What was I even doing at their age?”
  • “I’m so curious about the song. WonderGirls hwaiting!”
  • “They’re the WonderGirls afterall. Their English improved a great deal.”
  • “First they have to improve their singing capabilities, don’t they?”
  • “But you see, the walls into the American market is just so high. Sigh”
  • “Actually the song don’t seem like a song that will succeed in America. But 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ seemed like a good one though”
  • “I’m not sure about debuting into the American market with this song…….”
  • “Please don’t do that!!!!”
  • “I’m a little worried about that”
  • “Please come back only after you guys have succeeded”
  • “Even though I like WonderGirls, don’t understand why JYP is so eager about debuting into America. Should they let them promote in Korea longer to improve on their performances and singing?”
  • “Hope the song will be in the spotlight”

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