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Big Bang GDragon-TaeYang-DaeSung for solo album relay release later this year



5-member group Big Bang will comeback with a special project the later half of this year. Leader cum team producer GDragon, TaeYang and DaeSung will each release their solo album. YG Entertainment said on the 30th, “Currently promoting in Japan, Big Bang members GDragon, TaeYang and Daesung will each release their solo album one after another.” According to YG Entertainment, GDragon will release his first solo album in August. As the leader and team producer, this first solo album has been much of an interests amongst fans. Coming October TaeYang will also release a new solo album. He had his first solo album released last May with the title song ‘Look Only At Me’, which released much love from music fans. His upcoming 2nd minialbum will eb released in October. TaeYang is known for his power dance performance and much anticipation is for his new minialbum. For as for member DaeSung, he will release his first solo album end of this year. YG said, “He released trot digital single ‘Look at me, Gwisoon’ and has gather great popularity for his trot hit, and coming end of year he will also release his own solo minialbum. This first solo album will not be a trot album but be a song which will bring out DaeSung’s special singing abilities.” While GDragon, TaeYang and DaeSung will get busy with their own solo albums, TOP and SeungRi will meet their fans through their acting projects. Both of them have been casted for SBS TeleCinema – 19 to be aired in October.


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Big Bang performs “My Heaven” in Japan!

Big Bang performed their debut song “My heaven” on Music Japan on June 28th.  They got #4 on the Orican Charts, and is rumored they have got up to #2. Daesung was missing, because he was too busy shooting “Family Outing” back in Korea.

Video Credits: madeinheaven01

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Wonder Girls-Moments away from performing in Portland.

Here’s a short clip of the Wonder Girls backstage at the Jonas Brother’s concert in Portland, Oregan just moments away from performing their hit singles “Tell me” and “Nobody”.

Video credits: wondergirls

Although the girls only said a few english words,  it was nice seeing the girls acting calm, and not a nervous wreck.

Here, you can see fancams of the Wonder Girls actually performing “Nobody” and “Tell me”. “Nobody” was pretty much all english, while “Tell me” was half korean and english.


Video credits: smilexsayumi

Tell me:

Video credits: YoDuBu02

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Wonder Girls “Nobody” ENGLISH VERSION released!

We all know (well you should know, unless you’ve been hiding underneath a rock all this time ) Wonder Girls are in America now. They are also performing with the Jonas Brothers as their opening act with their hit singles “Tell me” and “Nobody“. The english version of “Nobody”  was just released on iTunes. Here, you can listen to the official full english version of “Nobody“.

credits: jensenvu

Which version do you like better? The korean or english version? Comment below and tell us your opinion.

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GDragon for new CF shooting. Netizens, “What’s with his fashion this time?”

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Photos of Big Bang fashionista leader GDragon while filming for their new beer CF.

Netizens go, “What’s with his fashion this time”.


Netizens go:

  • “So difficult to understand”
  • “He went to watch a 3D movie?”
  • “How come I’m the only one who thought that hairstyle went well with that hairband”
  • “Big Bang’s fashionista leader indeed”
  • “The guy in jade colour outfit next to him is even funnier looking”
    • “That’s TOP ㅠ.ㅠ”
  • “As time goes by, the fashion gets weirder and weirder”


WonderGirl SunMi and SoHee to quit school to focus on American debut


It has been known that WonderGirls members SunMi and SoHee have quitted school voluntarily.

A JYP representative revealed on the 14th that last week the girls have voluntarily quit school. Both born in the year of 1992, SunMi and SoHee were from Seoul CheongDam High and ChangMoon High.

The reason for that was that the girls will be busy promoting in America. The decision was finalised after the 2 had discussed with their parents about it.

Meanwhile the girls are preparing for their American debut with the English version to their hit song ‘NoBody.’ They will be in America all the way till 29th August performing for the opening act for 13 concert performances for Jonas Brothers’ concert tour.


GDragon was present at SBS Inkigayo to congratulate 2NE1 on 1st Mutizen


News have came late that Big Bang member GDragon had made a surprise appearance on SBS Inkigayo to congratulate 2NE1 on their 1st Mutizen.

2NE1 had won their 1st Mutizen with their debut song ‘Fire’ on SBS Inkigayo on 14th June. This is their 1st #1 after 6 years of training for the members.

On 15th, a staff from Inkigayo said, “GDragon had appeared for 2NE1’s encour performance after winning #1 on the show. He had enjoyed the moment of joy together as senior-junior singers from the same company.”

But the full encore performance was not shown hence viewers were not able to see his appearance.

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ash_140609Wonder Girls SoHee to quit school?

There has been rumours that group WonderGirls SoHee will be quitting school.

A post was posted on one of the Korean online forums on 10th June about the rumour. Part of the netizens were saying that there has been news that ChangMoon Girls High the school that she is attending will want her to quit school voluntarily. And there was also searches on portal sites on the keywords ‘SoHee quitting’.

JYP representative said, “We were not informed about SoHee’s voluntary quitting.” And a representative from ChangMoon Girls High also revealed that they reveal about their student’s information.

Meanwhile the girls will be releasing official American album in September.

Wonder Girls English Version of ‘Nobody’

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The Wonder Girls at their China showcase

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After their short return to Korea last weekend, the WonderGirls had their showcase in China on 11th June performing hits like ‘So Hot’ and “Nobody’.

The girls look great. And here’s for some eye candies.

Some of the photos




And their performances.

Some of their photos at the China airport




Looking forward to the 27th!

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