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Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah, Micky and Hero for a lawsuit against SM? Worries for group disband

Credits to: K Bites


One of Asia’s biggest group Dong Bang Shin Ki, has 3 of its members in a possible lawsuit against their own company SM Entertainment.

Dong Bang Shin Ki members Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong had gone to Seoul Central District Court to hand in an application for provisional disposition to terminate all effects of their exclusive belonging rights contract with SM on 31st July.

Latest updates on top:

Follow up #4:

After they released their official stand about the contract exclusive right clause retractile application, SM Entertainment’s representative added about rumours to the band’s disbandment, “On SM’s side, we still have much love for Dong Bang Shin Ki. We do not want them to disband. Let’s resolve this peacefully seeing the long time we have worked together since their debut till now.”

Follow up #3:

SM Entertainment has released their official stand on the case.

They said on 1st August morning, “It is true that Xiah, Hero and Micky made the application for provisional disposition to terminate the exclusive rights effects from their contract on 31st July at the district court. With that the company is very taken back by the action, we are trying to get confirm all the truth from them currently. “

They continued, “But as a representative group to the country and to Asia, our stand is that activities for Dong Bang Shin Ki have to continue even with this disposition application. And about the problems arising from the discussion to do a cosmetic entreprise, we plan to talk over them and sort out the problems as soon as possible.”

It has been know that members YunHo and ChangMin has decided not to take part in this lawsuit. Both of them are currently preparing for their drama debut this September and year-end.

Follow up #2:

One of the Korean new media No Cut News has known through phone call from SM that SM said, “We are aware that some of the (DBSK) members have some disagreements with the company, but we do not know that they have sparked a lawsuit wth the company. The director board of the company is currently having an urgent meeting in an undisclosed place in Seoul to discuss about their countermeasures.

They also added, “We will have our official stand asap”.

Follow up #1:

What will happen to the 3 members’ activities scheduled for Dong Bang Shin Ki? there is the upcoming SMTown Live 09 on 16th August. It seems that the members may not be appearing for the concert with their lawsuit with the company.

Especially with all the rumours lately about ‘disbanding of Dong Bang Shin Ki’. To add on, one of the 3 members’ parents have also established their won entertainment company in China.

Fans are also very taken back by this incident. Many have voiced their disbeliefs on various discussion forums.

Original article:

It has been known that their reasons for doing so is that the contract with SM Entertainment has many irrelevant conditions attached. It is also known that the content to the contract the 3 members cannot agree to includes having them belonging exclusively to SM Entertainment for 13 years and also unhappiness over profit allocation.

The lawyer responsible for this case said, “We are currently preparing for a lawsuit against SM for this contract. (About the reasons to why) We cannot reveal the details now.”

There has also been saying that the 3 members have differing views to SM on their upcoming ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki cosmetic enterprise expansion’.

Currently out of the 3 members, JunSu is already doing a cosmetic business with his parents. It is said that there were plans for the company to operate a cosmetic business, with sheep placenta as the main ingredient, using the group’s name as the brand name in Seoul GangNam and GyeongGiDo IlSan. It is said that there were also plans for the business to be launched in China bringing in hundreds millions KRW in profit.

But it has been said that the 2 sides are having some differing views and also complications arose through their discussion on how the product and brand will go.

Source: 1, 2, 3

Just to clarify:

  • The 3 members are applying to retract the the exclusive rights effects from their contract with SM
  • There are also other problems like differing views and problems in developing their cosmetic entreprise
  • Disbanding is a speculation on the Korean news side because the 3 members will not be able to continue on their activities since they are on the case

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Big Bang and Son DamBi to be featured for Brave Brothers’ new album

Credits to: K Bites


The Brave Brothers (real name Kang Dong Chul) will be releasing his first single album ‘Attitude’ on 18th August. And there has been saying that Son DamBi and Big Bang, artistes who sang the songs he wrote, will be featured for this album.

From 2008 to 2009, Son DamBi has sung many hits written by the Brave Brothers like ‘Crazy’, ‘Saturday Night’; also there were Brown Eyed Girls with ‘What to do’, Big Bang with ‘Last Farewell’, After School with ‘Diva’. Brave Brothers have produced the many hits which took the Kpop zone by storm from 2008 to 2009. Not only did he write songs for the mainstream artistes, he has also worked on several underground artistes’ albums.

He said, “I am very thankful that the featured singers not only helped out with the songs, they even appeared for my MV. I am very thankful for these singers I have worked with this period of time. This album will bring good music with a new level of beat and sound.”

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Big Bang G-Dragon’s New Hairstyle

Credits to: K Bites

Big Bang GDragon shows off his new ‘dung’ hairstyle on Big Bang TV aired on Wednesday.


Despite the name, netizens love the hair. One of my favourite comments go, “He can pull of any hair. Even girls would be able to pull off this ‘dung’ hair. Love his new hairstyle everytime“.

I agreed with this netizen, let’s just put an exception on his previous pama.

On the side note, Big Bang TV ropped in a record high of 2.14% viewership with the first episode of Big Bang TV aired.

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Yang HyunSeok talks about GDragon’s first solo album

Credits to: K Bites

gd_100509Yang HyunSeok has raised expectations and anticipation for Big Bang GDragon’s first solo album.

He was on 2NE1TV recently and gave an introduction about GDragon’s solo album to be released on 18th August.

He said, “Kwon JiYoung is really a big hit. All these time he has been producing with me for Big Bang’s album, but for this album he did producing works alone.”

“Currently about 9 songs are done. I like them a lot, listening to them everyday. It’s like he is going to sweep this summer away.”

GDragon’s solo album will be released on his 21st birthday on 18th August. The album was postponed from the initial release date of April as GDragon got into slight depression due to exhaustion and overwork.

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U-Know’s First Day of Filming

Credits to: K Bites

Idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki member UKnow YunHo’s first day filming for his debut drama ‘Heading The Ground’.

He’s looking good, and we can get a glimpse of Lee YoonJi too.


Big Bang TV is next up after 2NE1TV


New series of Big Bang TV will start from 29th July on Mnet showing fans the Big Bang’s current lifestyle in Japan.

The show will show a side of the boys’ lifestyle yet to be shown and also go behind the stage of their ‘Gara Gara Go’ showcase in Japan. It was knnow that the 5 members have to share 3 rooms in their Japan dormitory and member GDragon and SeungRi are known as YG’s ‘Tom and Jerry’, that they will play around even without the camera around.

There is also a follow-up from members SeungRi and DaeSung’s appearance on ‘Close Note’, and DaeSung revealed in the show, “We are really close now”.

Big Bang TV will be shown on Mnet from 29th July.

Teddy, “I have planned to go watch Michael Jackson’s concert with TaeYang”


YG music producer, 1TYM Teddy has once given high anticipation for Big Bang member TaeYang.

Teddy was the composer to TaeYang’s solo album title song ‘Look Only At Me’ released last May. And now he is currently working on TaeYang’s 2nd solo album. It is planned for TaeYang’s new solo album to be out in October.

Teddy said on 27th July in an interview, “TaeYang has been a trainee under YG Ent since elementary school, he is a dongsaeng I’ve seen from young. Even though he is younger than me by 10 years, he has seen more about music etc than I have.”

He added, “TaeYang is very thorough with self-management – he hasn’t changed much from when he was a trainee and now as a singer. With management and hardwork, he is now very capable in dancing and singing.”

“TaeYang’s new solo album is completed with about 8 songs currently. But we have not decided to release it as a minialbum or full-length album.”

Teddy also revealed that they have made a promise to go London middle of this month to see Michael Jackson’s performance together.

Teddy said, “Me and TaeYang, above everything, are fans of Michael Jackson. I promised to bring him watch his concert to study more about music etc. But it was heartbreaking that Michael Jackson just pass away suddenly. Back then when the news of his death came out, TaeYang was in Japan for Big Bang’s promotions and he was very sad.”

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Do Not Confess Your Love for Yunho

Credits to: allkpop

20090728_yunhoconfess_572U-know that fangirls are crazy? Don’t confess your love for Yunho, Just don’t do it. Especially if you’re a celebrity, eighteen-year-old Atsuko Maeda of the Japanese theater based female idol group AKB48 recently expressed her appreciation for TVXQ / Tohoshinki / DBSK’s front man Yunho. According to a report in Tokyo Ginza, she said, “Yunho is a tall, thoughtful man. When the first trading card to commemorate Tohoshinki was released in a bookstore, I immediately went to get it. I really like him.”

Rumors are spreading that Yunho / DBSK fangirls in Japan did not like her comments one bit. They bought merchandise featuring Atusko and they destroyed her CDs and posters, probably wishing they were ripping apart her face instead.

An example of angry fangirls 2 years ago:20090728_yunhoconfess1

Poor girl. At least she didn’t say, “I wanna date him! I want his babies, I’m a hit him up right after this interview.” That would’ve been the last thing she ever said.

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Dong Bang Shin Ki Max ChangMin is the next for drama debut after Hero JaeJoong and UKnow YunHo

Credits to: K Bites


After members Hero JaeJoong and UKnow YunHo, Max ChangMin of Dong Bang Shin Ki will be the next to have his drama debut.

Recently Max ChangMin has been casted as the male main character for drama ‘Paradise Meadow’, and is the 3rd member in Dong Bang Shin Ki to have his drama debut.

SM Entertainment said on 28th July, “Max ChangMin has been casted for youth melodrama ‘Paradise Meadow’. He will start filming for it end of next month and is currently practising acting.”

The drama is a collaborate drama between SamHwan Networks, which brought us dramas like ‘Mother is angry’, and SM Entertainment.

Members Hero JaeJoong has previously been casted for ‘Telecinema’ to be aired later this year and recently UKnow YunHo has also been casted for MBC drama ‘Heading the Ground’, and with one more member trying out acting, more anticipation are in for how these idols will succeed as actors.

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