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Dong Bang Shin Ki is #1 on Oricon daily chart


Dong Bang Shin Ki has risen up to #1 position on Japanese Oricon daily chart with the song ‘Stand By U’ released in Japan on 1st July. And in just 5 days, it has gone up to the #1 position on Oricon daily chart

They had overtaken popular group Arashi’s new single and went up to the #1 position.

Dong Bang Shin Ki has been recently called to have hit the ‘triple 3′ with 30K album copies sold for their single, and also for their recent full length album, plus they hit 30K number of fans present for their Japanese concert tour. They also rewrote history by being the 1st Korean artiste to perform at the Tokyo Dome on 4th and 5th July for their finale Japanese concert tour performances.

Meanwhile, the group is set to be performing on a-nation concert from 1st August.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s afterthoughts about their Japanese concert performance at the Tokyo Dome


Dong Bang Shin Ki talks about their feelings with the end of their Japanese concert tour. The group had their last Japanese concert tour performance on 4th and 5th at the Tokyo Dome. The concert tour saw more than 300,000 audience present at the concert performances, and had brought it more than 40 billion KRW in production costs.

Dong Bang Shin Ki said, “We had more concert performances than from last year but it ended much faster then we thought. We were very excited about experiencing the different food and culture at the different places we went.”

“It still feels very real to us, the concert. Especially the finale performance at Tokyo Dome, we can still feel the after effect of it. We are really touched as we had talked about performing at the Tokyo Dome between the members when we first advanced into Japan.”



“We had also taken a little break this year to go visit OnCheon with our band, dancers and staff to relieve stress. We have also seen another side of our staff, we have become more close to each other, it was a fun experience. Our trip to Satpo was the more impressionable. Xiah JunSu has finally joined us for dance performance after he got himself injured. We felt complete as 5 members again on stage.”

And about them being the 1st Korean artistes to perform at the Tokyo Dome, “It serves as greater meaning as the 1st Korean artistes to perform at the Dome, and we are really excited as the chance for us to perform at the Dome came faster than we expected.”


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