What is new singer Speed Motion’s relationship with Big Bang TOP?

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Standing at 184cm tall, charming new singer rapper Speed Motion (Go JaeCheon, 22) is known to be Big Bang TOP’s childhood friend and they had built the dream to be rappers together.

“I met Big Bang TOP when we were in middle school 3rd year and we were very very close friend during high school times. TOP is a precious friend to me and have taught me the beauty of rapping.”

◆ SeoWon Highschool’s Two Top – Choi SeungHyun and Go JaeCheon


A photo of the 2 performing together on stage for a duet rap was recently released online.

“We were even closer when we were in the same class in high school year 1. Two of us were really interested in rapping and fashion and we would save up to go ITaeWon (where many foreigners would go in Korea) to buy hiphop clothes. This photo revealed was in our graduation photobook. Back then the response was so good that we become famous for our rap.”

He continued, “Since middle school we were sticking together rapping… And as a friend (to TOP), I’m proud of you. I hope that no matter how busy or tired you are, you will not forget our friendship. One as Big Bang TOP, one as Speed Motion, I hope that we can touched many with our rap.”

◆ High school 3rd year, planning where to go “To Big Bang, or to university”


Even though the 2 were close, came high school 3rd year is when they have to decide where to go or study and its the time to move on to university.”

SeungHyun wanted to be a rapper, but my parents wanted me to study at an university. Back then SeungHyun said, “JaeCheon ah, if you are not someone who will do very well with studies, go with me”. But after that, he became Big Bang TOP and I studied sociology.”

After ending the 1st year in university, he felt like he is tearing apart not being able to fulfil his dream as a rapper. He persuaded his parents again and took a temporary leave from school to persue his dreams.

◆ TOP, “You are talented, you will do well”

Even after Big Bang was successful, TOP is a “genuine friend” who still continues to give Go JaeCheon one or 2 phone calls a month.

SeungHyun was a really cool friend. Because he will change mobile phone number often, he would always call me to inform me that. I will call him ‘Big Bang nim” but he will say “Don’t do that”. It was very funny.”

“A while back, he called me after knowing about my debut. “You will do well because you are talented. I believe in JaeCheonie“. It was very heartwarming to hear that.”

◆ People would said, “TOP is doing well, but what about you?”

The truth is that it is the hardest for Speed Motion before his debut. People who know the 2 very well would say hurtful things to him.
“Friends would say that. SeungHyun, who raps together with me, is doing so well as Big Bang, and JaeCheonie what about you?…. Aren’t you embarrassed? It was heartbreaking to hear these. But I don’t feel wronged because it is the truth.”

“As compared to TOP, I may start out late, but I will not be hasty about it. I will slowly let my dream shine, from coming out in news articles to releasing my first title song ‘I Love You’.”

“I will prove myself to my friends, family and TOP. Like my name ‘Speed Motion‘ I will advance stealthily. Because as the saying goes ‘Hardwork and sweat will never betray you’.”

Here’s Speed Motion’s debut title song ‘I Love You’

C: Mardi09

Another song featuring him:

C: PurpleSnowGlobe


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  • 1. osose  |  March 22, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Aww! This is so emotional. I’m glad they’re still friends.


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