DBSK’s MVs/Songs Part 2


Credits to: outlet722

Love Is…

Credits to: dbsj4ever

Free Your Mind (feature TRAX)

Credits to: owaritskitoki

Always There…

Credits to: littlehia

You’re my Miracle

Credits to: joongsimlove

Hey! Girl (Live)

Credits to: overwork79

Get Me Some (Live)

Credits to: kirstysc2007

I’ll be there

Credits to: bluesakura90

Phantom (Live)

Credits to: sushiblizzard123

You Only Love (FanMade)

Credits to: PaJkUbVwJ


Credits to: olivialiu6


Credits to: alissa95350

Wrong Number

Credits to: cassiopeial0ve

Crazy Love (FanMade)

Credits to: sagittariusmao

HEY! (Don’t Bring Me Down) FanMade

Credits to: heysaycari

You’re My Melody (Live)

Credits to: bluesakura90


Credits to: adilahLoL

Are You A Good girl? (Live)

Credits to: RIS0425

Love in the Ice

Credits to: aznsrey


Credits to: ZOOSN1


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