DBSK’s MVs/Songs Part 1

Purple Line

Credits to: DhampirVampire


Credits to: nakongju

Thanks To

Credits to: junjinluver

Holding Back the Tears

Credits to: owaritskitoki

Tri-Angle (feature BoA and The TRAX)

Credits to: curiousplay88

Will you be my girlfriend? (Music only)

Credits to: emotionalteaspoon22

Whatever They Say (A cappella)

Credits to: rachelk109

Million Men (Live)

Credits to: kirstysc2007

I Never Let Go (Fanmade)

Credits to: dbsj4ever

Hey, Kid (FanMade)

Credits to: blmgurl

You Always & Will You Be My Girlfriend? (FanMade)

Credits to: punk4tokyo


Credits to: snowBerries

My Little Princess

Credits to: DevilsWhiteWings

The Way U Are

Credits to: owaritskitoki


Credits to:loveforever678


Credits to: Jinirawks

Beautiful Life

Credits to: littlehia

Rising Sun

Credits to: Ac1d

Unforgettable (FanMade)

Credits to: moonlitSoul

Love Is Never Gone (FanMade)

Credits to: dbsj4ever

Love After Love (FanMade)

Credits to: adiazz1

Dangerous Mind (Live)

Credits to: klvd62

>>>Author’s Note: DBSK/TVXQ just has too much songs! No wonder why they’re so famouse! So when you’re done looking at the songs above just make sure you check out part 2 of their MVs! Oh and don’t forget to comment on which song you like best!


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  • 1. lilian  |  November 6, 2009 at 3:38 am

    love it. 🙂


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